To help everyone gain mental and physical confidence.


He dedicated the first part of his life to the highest levels of American soccer. Plagued with injuries, Aaron had to make a choice. He chose to dedicate the next part of his life to helping people build their bodies. A student of exercise physiology, Aaron started working with various levels of clientele across the country. His unique approach to individualization gave his clients a custom feel to their health and fitness programs. Aaron decided to take his philosophy to the next level and founded THE LAB, a custom and convenient health and fitness process designed to help people gain mental and physical confidence.


THE LAB is a concierge-style all-inclusive fitness service. Carrying state-of-the-art equipment, THE LAB literally brings the gym to you based on your time and schedule.

THE LAB will systematically enhance your lifestyle choices, condition your mind to endure new physical limits, and architect custom exercise routines in order to help you gain a higher level of mental and physical confidence.